Where you might get 1Y0-250 Citrix Test Places Examine Manuals?

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Scenario: An administrator is implementing a two-factor authentication solution with an RSA SecureID product. The administrator already has the server name and port number of the RSA server. Which additional information does the administrator need to configure RSA SecureID?


A. LDAP password

B. Firewall access rule

C. Authentication policy

D. RADIUS shared secret


Answer: D



Scenario: An administrator is creating a NetScaler Gateway virtual server for mobile devices only. The administrator must include two-factor authentication. Which two steps must the administrator take to configure two-factor authentication for this environment? (Choose two.)


A. Bind the RSA policy first.

B. Bind the LDAP policy first.

C. Create an authentication policy.

D. Create a pre-authentication policy.


Answer: AC




Scenario: An administrator implemented RADIUS with NetScaler Gateway as a two-factor authentication solution for a XenDesktop implementation. A planned outage is scheduled in wake of a software upgrade on the RADIUS infrastructure. During the outage, the administrator needs to disable the two-factor authentication on NetScaler Gateway to enable users’ continued access to published applications. Which action could the administrator take to meet the needs of the scenario without affecting the connected users?


A. Delete the RADIUS authentication policy.

B. Set the RADIUS policy to be secondary authentication.

C. Disable authentication on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.

D. Unbind the RADIUS authentication policy from the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.


Answer: D



Scenario: After a restart of a single NetScaler, users complain that the logon page has changed. An administrator plans to verify that a startup script exists and contains the necessary command. Where can the administrator find the startup script?


A. /etc

B. /dev

C. /nsconfig

D. /netscaler


Answer: C



Scenario: An administrator plans to implement NetScaler to load balance Web Interface traffic. The Web Interface servers are using standard non-secure ports. Company policy states that all external traffic must be secure. The administrator has added the servers for the Web Interface under Load Balancing. In order to load balance the Web Interface traffic and comply with company policy, the administrator should add services for __________ and create an __________. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.)


A. SSL; SSL virtual server

B. SSL; HTTP virtual server

C. HTTP; SSL virtual server

D. HTTP; HTTP virtual server


Answer: C



An administrator needs to prevent a single point of failure for the Secure Ticket Authority servers configured on NetScaler Gateway. Which method could the administrator use to accomplish this?


A. Create a DNS round robin for the Secure Ticket Authority servers.

B. Add Secure Ticket Authority servers individually to the virtual server.

C. Create a virtual server to load balance the Secure Ticket Authority servers.

D. Configure Windows Network Load Balancing for the Secure Ticket Authority servers.


Answer: B



Scenario: An administrator needs to configure secure remote access and load balancing on NetScaler for a XenDesktop implementation. The XenDesktop environment has two Desktop Delivery Controllers (DDCs) and two Web Interface servers. Which action must the administrator take to configure the Secure Ticket Authority in NetScaler Gateway?


A. Bind individual DDCs as Secure Ticket Authorities on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.

B. Bind individual Web Interface servers as Secure Ticket Authorities on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.

C. Configure a load balancing virtual server for the DDC servers and configure the load balanced Secure Ticket Authority on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.

D. Configure a load balancing virtual server for the Web Interface servers and configure the load balanced Web Interface virtual server as the Secure Ticket Authority for the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.


Answer: A



Which protocol could an administrator apply with rate-based monitor?







Answer: A



Scenario: After an infrastructure service review, an administrator needs to improve the availability of core Web applications for customers. The administrator needs to place two recently purchased NetScalers in two different datacenters on two different subnets. Which two options could the administrator configure for the two NetScaler devices? (Choose two.)




C. Cluster

D. Virtual MAC address

E. High availability INC pair


Answer: AE



Scenario: An administrator must implement NetScaler Gateway. The solution must allow users to be able to change their Active Directory password from the NetScaler Gateway logon page. Which two actions must the administrator perform to meet the requirements of this scenario? (Choose two.)


A. Configure LDAP authentication.

B. Configure LDAPS authentication.

C. Add a RADIUS authentication server.

D. Enable the ‘Allow password change’ option for the LDAP authentication server.


Answer: BD