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A customer is currently using Cisco UCS to unite computing, networking, storage access, and virtualization. The customer is upgrading their data center and is open to working with another vendor for the upgrade. Which HP Converged System option is a viable alternative for this customer?

A. BladeSystem and Virtual Connect
B. Systems Insight Manager
C. AppSystem
D. HP OneView

Answer: A

What is a core building block in the HP Datacenter Care service solution?

A. Proactive Care Service
B. Life Cycle Service
C. Implementation Service
D. Personalized Support Service

Answer: A

A traditional siloed application deployment across different cloud models results in multiple implementations and configurations for each lifecycle stage for each version of the application. Which HP Converged Cloud portfolio offering uses a model-based service design and re-usable infrastructure templates so that an application can be modeled once and provisioned across all cloud models?

A. Cloud OS
B. Cloud Service Automation
C. Matrix Operating Environment
D. CloudSystem Matrix

Answer: D

Which technology eliminates vendor lock-in and enables application portability in HP public clouds?

A. OpenStack
B. Virtualization
C. Kernel-based virtual machines
D. CloudStack

Answer: A

A customer needs to update their CloudSystem Matrix software. Which cloud operation service offering should you recommend?

A. Proactive Care
B. Converged Cloud Support
C. Enhanced Premier
D. Datacenter Care

Answer: A

Why is a hybrid cloud delivery model attractive to IT executives?

A. It offers the greatest variety when meeting SU\s and specific workload requirements.
B. It allows the greatest flexibility when transferring workloads between cloud implementations.
C. It addresses service delivery challenges in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
D. It is the best match for customer application configurations and performance requirements.

Answer: B

How does the HP Converged Cloud delivery model differ from that of the competition?

A. Common architecture
B. Homogeneous approach
C. Single cloud delivery type
D. Siloed deployment

Answer: A