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PassLeader 70-484 Exam Questions[19]

Case Study: 4 – Scenario 4 (QUESTION 35 – QUESTION 43)
Fabrikam, Inc. is a non-profit organization that manages three museums located in Miami, New York, and Seattle. All of the museums offer Wi-Fi connectivity and Internet access to visitors.
Existing Environment
General Information
Fabrikam provides visitors with two pamphlets as they enter each museum. One pamphlet contains pictures of the different paintings in the museum. The other pamphlet contains pictures of the sculptures in the museum. Visitors are encouraged to take pictures of the sculptures and the paintings.
Existing Environment
Each museum has a kiosk that provides information to visitors about the exhibits. The kiosk uses a data access component that only runs on an x86 processor.
Business Goals
Fabrikam plans to provide a more interactive experience for the visitors. Fabrikam purchases 200 Windows 8.1 RT devices for each museum. Fabrikam plans to develop an app to replace the paper pamphlets. Fabrikam plans to minimize development effort and reuse the data access component, if possible.
General Requirements
Fabrikam identifies the following requirements for the app: