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What should you recommend for the updates to Sales.TransactionHistory?

A.    a REPEATABLE READ isolation level
B.    implicit transactions
C.    query hints
D.    a SNAPSHOT isolation level

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Case Study 3: A. Datum Case(Question 60 – Question 73)
General Overview
A. Datum Corporation has offices in Miami and Montreal. The network contains a single Active Directory forest named adatum.com. The offices connect to each other by using a WAN link that has 5-ms latency. A. Datum standardizes its database platform by using SQL Server 2014 Enterprise edition.
Each office contains databases named Sales, Inventory, Customers, Products, Personnel, and Dev. Servers and databases are managed by a team of database administrators. Currently, all of the database administrators have the same level of permissions on all of the servers and all of the databases. The Customers database contains two tables named Customers and Classifications. The following graphic shows the relevant portions of the tables: