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Refer to the exhibit. Which corrective action is taken to resolve the problem?

A.    Trunk four VLANs on interface ethernet 199/1/1.
B.    Use the shut and no shut interface ethernet 199/1/1so that the VLANs come up.
C.    Place interface ethernet 199/1/1 in VLAN 4 in the N5K-2 configuration.
D.    Prune all but four VLANs from vPC 199.
E.    Add VLAN 4 to vPC 199.

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Which statement about Cisco FabricPath is true?

A.    It is the best solution for interconnecting multiple data centers.
B.    It optimizes STP throughout the Layer 2 network.
C.    It is a simplified extension of Layer 3 networks across a single data center.
D.    The Cisco FabricPath domain appears as a single STP bridge, where each edge port uses the same MAC address.

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