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Given the accompanying output, which additional command is needed to redistribute IGRP into EIGRP?
Router eigrp 123
   No auto-summary
Router igrp 123
Select the best response.

A.    Under the router igrp mode add redistribute eigrp 123
B.    Under the router eigrp mode add redistribute igrp 123
C.    Under the router eigrp mode add redistribute igrp 123 subnets
D.    None, EIGRP and IGRP are automatically redistributed in this instance.

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What is a key benefit of using a GRE tunnel to provide connectivity between branch offices and headquarters? Select the best response.

A.    authentication, integrity checking, and confidentiality
B.    less overhead
C.    dynamic routing over the tunnel
D.    granular QoS support
E.    open standard
F.    scalability

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Which statement is true about the implementation of IPv6 in an already existing IPv4 network?

A.    IPv6 can be routed using the same routing protocol versions as IPv4
B.    A router routing for IPv6 and IPv4 must convert IPv4 packets to IPv6 packets to route them.
C.    IPv4 and IPv6 networks can be routed simultaneously.
D.    Only OSPF version 3 can be utilized for routing IPv4 and IPv6.

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