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Which step of creating an optimization plan allows you to determine which types of devices the customer needs?

A. Obtain an accurate inventory of devices
B. Consolidate models, manufacturers, and tasks.
C. Monitor for efficient users.
D. Collect usage history for each device and look for duplication of tasks.

Answer: D

Which statement is true about how customers typically view office printing costs?

A. Customers typically look at hardware costs, but they do not consider IT costs or the cost of supplies.
B. Customers typically look at IT costs and the costs of supplies, but they do not consider hardware costs.
C. Customers typically look at hardware and IT costs, but they do not consider costs of supplies.
D. Customers typically look at the costs of supplies and hardware, but they do not consider IT costs.

Answer: D

What is an example of business networking?

A. attending an online workshop for professional development
B. following the links on a company’s website
C. reading a company’s tweets
D. using LinkedIn to find common contacts

Answer: D

Which description of an imaging and printing solution is accurate?

A. a review of all available software that works with imaging and printing devices
B. a long-term strategic plan
C. a combination of hardware and software that addresses the problem
D. a new printer

Answer: C

What is the core concept of the HP Design-for-Environment program?

A. designing HP products with a concern for end-of-life disposal
B. designing HP products to be the least expensive on the market
C. designing HP products to be aesthetically pleasing
D. designing HP products to be made only from recycled products

Answer: A

How does a fax driver improve the workflow?

A. A fax driver sends all faxes to a designated device with one phone line.
B. A fax driver provides a confirmation printout confirming the delivery of the fax.
C. A fax driver routes faxes to an outsourced company that can deliver faxes cheaper than a business can, due to volume.
D. A fax driver allows users to configure cover pages at their PCs.

Answer: A

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