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A server named Server01 is running Server Core at your companies IT house. It is already configured with the AD DS role but you also want to add AD CS to the server. What must you do to add Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) to this server?

A.    Reinstall the server with the full version of Windows Server 2008
B.    Install the AD CS role
C.    Install the RODC role
D.    Install the AD FS role

Answer: B

Which of the following situations would you use AD LDS?

A.    A DMZ
B.    Standard private network
C.    You require the use of Group Policy
D.    You require the use of Organizational Units

Answer: A

Which one of the following groups has permission to shut down a domain controller?

A.    Backup Operators
B.    All of these
C.    Print Operators
D.    Server Operators

Answer: B

Is the following statement about Hyper-V true or false? Hyper-V does not support wireless networks

A.    True
B.    False

Answer: B

Complete the missing word from the sentence below that is describing one of the new roles in Server 2008:
By using__________ , you can augment an organization’s security strategy by protecting information through persistent usage policies, which remain with the information, no matter where it is moved

A.    AD FS
B.    AD RMS
C.    RODC
D.    AD LDS

Answer: B

Your IT manager is concerned that someone is trying to gain access to your company’s computers by logging on with valid domain user names and various password attempts. Which audit policy should you monitor for these activities?

A.    Policy Change
B.    Account Logon
C.    Privilege Use
D.    Directory Service Access

Answer: B

In Windows Server 2012, you can remove the Server Graphical Shell, resulting in the "Minimal Server Interface." This is similar to a Server with a GUI installation except that some features are not installed. Which of the following features is not installed in this scenario?

A.    MMC
B.    Windows Explorer
C.    Control Panel (subset)
D.    Server Manager

Answer: B

Which terminology is being described below:
This trust is a manually created trust that shortens the trust path to improve the speed at which authentications, which occur between domain trees, are processed

A.    Shortcut Trust
B.    Quick Trust
C.    Easy Trust
D.    Simple Trust

Answer: A

Which of the following reasons justifies why you should audit failed events?

A.    To log resource access for reporting and billing
B.    To monitor for malicious attempts to access a resource which has been denied
C.    None of these
D.    To monitor access that would suggest users are performing actions greater than you had planned

Answer: B

Which feature is described below?
You can use the ___ to reduce the number of duplicate blocks of data in storage, you can store much more data in a given amount of storage capacity than was possible in previous releases that used Single Instance Storage (SIS) or NTFS file system compression.

A.    iSCSI Target Server
B.    iSCSI Target Boot
C.    Multiterabyte Volumes
D.    Data Deduplication role service

Answer: D

Latest Pass4sure Microsoft 70-417 Exam Question Free Download with PDF & VCE