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You create trusts in Windows Server 2008 with the New Trust Wizard. Which one of the following authentication types is being described below:
An authentication setting that permits unrestricted access by any users in the specified forest to all available shared resources that are located in any of the domains in the local forest.

A.    Domain-wide authentication
B.    None of these
C.    Selective authentication
D.    Forest-wide authentication

Answer: D

Server manager is a great tool for managing most of your server settings and configuration all in one central place. Which one of the following Server manager Features is used for Storage management, replication and searching?

A.    Dynamic Host Configuration Server
B.    Terminal Services
C.    Domain Name Service
D.    File Services

Answer: D

Sometimes its important to remove an RODC from your forest or domain. However, its important that you follow a simple rule whilst removing RODC’s. What is this rule?

A.    All RODC’s must be detached before removing a final writable domain controller
B.    All writable domain controllers must be removed before RODC’s can be detached
C.    Your forest must only consist of RODC’s if you want to remove them
D.    There are no rules for removing RODC’s

Answer: A
After researching this and using logic, we need a writable DC for a RODC to exist,
therefore we have to remove all RODC’s before removing the last writable DC.

Dynamic memory is a great feature that allows you to manage the amount of memory that Hyper-V virtual machines consume. How would you identify the memory a virtual machine consumes when Dynamic Memory is not enabled?

A.    View the amount of RAM listed under Startup in the Memory page of the virtual machine
B.    View the amount of RAM listed under Static in the Memory page of the virtual machine
C.    None of these
D.    View the amount of RAM listed under Maximum in the Memory page of the virtual machine

Answer: A

DNS record types come in many forms, but which record type is being described below? Maps a domain name such as to an IP address

A.    A
C.    MX
D.    PTR

Answer: A

Is the following statement true or false?
When a printer is installed on a network, default printer permissions are assigned that allow all users to print and change the status of documents sent to it

A.    True
B.    False

Answer: B

Select the missing tool name from the sentence below:
You can use the __.exe tool to create installation media for additional domain controllers that you are creating in a domain.
By using the Install from Media (IFM) option, you can minimize the replication of directory data over the network. This helps you install additional domain controllers in remote sites more efficiently.

A.    Dsutil
B.    Ntfrsutl
C.    Mqtgsvc
D.    Ntdsutil

Answer: D

You have just finished installing Windows Server 2008 on a new server. Your colleague has informed you that its essential that you must activate Windows Server. Which of the following command line tools can be used to Activate Windows Server?

A.    Cscript C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs ato
B.    Netdom C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs ato
C.    Ocsetup C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs ato
D.    Netsh C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs ato

Answer: A

Your manager has asked you to configure the company Windows Server 2008 domain controller. He wants all new computer accounts to be placed in the General OU, when computers join the domain.
Which command should you use to accomplish this?

A.    Netdom
B.    Dsmove
C.    None of these
D.    Redircmp

Answer: D

You have decided to install Windows Server 2012 by choosing the Service Core Installation option. If you want to install, configure or uninstall server roles remotely, what tool would you use?

A.    Windows PowerShell
B.    Any of these
C.    Server Manager
D.    Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT)

Answer: B

Latest Pass4sure Microsoft 70-417 Exam Question Free Download with PDF & VCE