IBM Documentation 000-503 Most effective Exercising Elements

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What is the purpose of multiple Warehouse Proxy agents?

A. To get more accurate data from the Tivoli Data Warehouse
B. So that Summarization and Pruning can complete in its window
C. To ensure that Tivoli Monitoring agent data is written to the Tivoli Data Warehouse
D. To allow multiple users to query the Tivoli Data Warehouse from the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server

Answer: C

The Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server database contains which data?

A. Query, User, and Situation
B. Query, User, and Managed Systems
C. Query, User, and Workspace Definition
D. User, Situation, and Workspace Definition

Answer: C

Which statement is true about correlated situations?

A. They can only be used if referenced in a policy.
B. They only run at the Hub Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server.
C. They only run at Remote Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Servers.
D. They run at the Hub Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server and Remote Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server.

Answer: B

How are logically related attributes stored?

A. As Attribute Events
B. As Attribute Groups
C. As Attribute Policies
D. As Attribute Containers

Answer: B

Which step is necessary to create a new query for data retrieval?

A. Click the Query Editor Icon on the Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) tool bar.
B. Click the Modify Query icon on the TEP tool bar.
C. Click Administration Mode and then select the Query Editor from the list.
D. Click Administration Mode, click List, and then select Query Editor from the list.

Answer: A

How can a predefined workspace be restored to the original workspace?

A. Run tacmd restore workspace
B. File > Restore Original Workspace
C. Restart the Tivoli Enterprise Portal client
D. It cannot be restored to the original workspace.

Answer: B

Which statement is true regarding an export of monitoring data to a file after running a query?

A. No data can be excluded from the export.
B. Only rows can be excluded from the export.
C. Only columns can be excluded from the export.
D. Rows and columns can be excluded from the export.

Answer: D

What is supplied with each monitoring agent?

A. Attribute Groups
B. Tivoli Data Warehouse reports
C. Universal Agent Data Providers
D. IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNI bus rules

Answer: A

Where can a user defined query be used for data retrieval?

A. View only
B. Workspace only
C. View and Workspace only
D. View, Workspace, and Embedded Situations

Answer: C

What is range partitioning?

A. An historical data collection feature that allows data to be filtered.
B. A feature used by the Agentless technology that allows better control of agent deployment.
C. A database data organization feature that can reduce feedback time for Summarization and Pruning agent performance.
D. A database data organization feature that can significantly improve pruning and query performance in large Tivoli Data Warehouse databases.

Answer: D

What should be used to show trends overtime among related attributes?

A. Barchart
B. Plot chart
C. Topology view
D. Linear gauge chart

Answer: B

What are two ways to control all of the data streams that are available to a user in IBM Tivoli Monitoring? (Choose two.)

A. Policies
B. Workflows
C. Workspaces
D. Pruning data
E. Logical views

Answer: CE

What are three types of links at the Tivoli Enterprise Portal? (Choose three.)

A. Pure
B. Static
C. Relative
D. Absolute
E. Dynamic
F. Sampled

Answer: CDE

Which type of diagram is used to visualize historical data?

A. Pie Chart
B. Plot Chart
C. Table View
D. Graphic View

Answer: B

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